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My Favorite PIZZA Naples Area





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Da Marino makes the Best Pizza I've ever had in Naples, Italy, bar none. "Trust Me" I Love it. 

One day I was walking aroudn Napoli. It was lunch time and I knew I wanted a nice plate of Spaghetti Vongole (Clam Sauce). I had to find a nice trattoria. I just past the Hotel Excelsior and made a right onto the Via Sant Lucia. I walke just a couple hundred feet and came across a place that looked good. It was Da Marino - Ristorante / Pizzeria. I popped my head inside to see how it looked. W nice girl greeted me, and when I saw a table of about 12 locals at one table, I figured, this must be the place. I asked the girl if I could have a table. "Prego," she said, motioning with her hand for me to take a table. I saw a nice table against the wall, and sat down. The girl brought me a menu.

I looked it over. The waiter came over and I asked him for a small carafe of Falanghine (local white wine). I continued looking over the menu, and made my decision. When the waiter came back with my wine, and said "Prego," I told him I'd have the Insalta Frutta di Mare to start (antipasto), followed by a plate of Spaghetti Vongole. Again, he said "Prego." My order was in. I took a sipp of the Flanghina. "Tasty."

It was a Sunday afternoon and the family at the table across from me seemed to be having a fine time. And a serious feast. "A good sign."

The place had a nice relaxed atomophere, with framed Soccer Jerseys of local players from Napoli, including the greatest Soccer Player in Neapolitan Futbol History, none other than the great Diego Maradona.

My Seafood Salad came, and it looked absolutley fabulous. I could tell just by looking at it, that it was going to be great. "It was." Not only was it great, it was absolutley perfect. A great start. I sipped ny wine, and enjoyed the tasty Antipasto. It was marvelous.

I few minutes after I finished my Insalta Frutta di Mare, the waiter brought me my plate of Spaghetti. "Prego." Wow, it looked great. And it was. Quite possibly the Best plate of Spaghetti Vongole I've evr had.




I was going out-of-my-mind with happiness at such a tasty plate of pasta. Absolutely perfect.
After I finished my spaghetti, I mad my way to the bathroom. On the way, the Pizzaiolo was making Pizzas at the Pizza Oven. They looked good.

I came out of the bathroom and started chatting with the Pizzaiolo (Pizza Man). He put Pizzas in the oven, and took a few out. Damn they looked good. 

I walked back to my table, took a sip of wine, and contemplated whether to get a Pizza or not. What the heck I tought. The Pizza looked great. My Antipasto and plate of Spaghetti were absolutely perfect. "I had to have one (pizza)." They Pizza was only 6 Euros each. I'd eat half, and I'd be fine, but I had to taste one, after seeing what great food this place put out.

The waiter came by, and I asked him if I could have a Salame Pizza. "Prego."

A few minutes later my Pizza came. "Oh My God," iI said, "I'll never be able to finish that. I thought so, anyway. The Pizza was bigger than I thought it would be. No big deal. I'd eat what I could, and leave the rest, but I had to taste it. I'm glad I did. That Pizza was the Best Pizza I've ever had in the city of Naples, Italy, most likely the best pizza I've ever had anywhere. Maybe? It may sound insane to some, but I swear it's true, and many woudl agree with me, that New York makes some of the Best Pizza in the World. Maybe the Best. "Yes even better than Napoli," as insane and sacreligious that might sound to some. But if you're seriously into Pizza and love New York Pizza, you know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, Da Marino, In My Book, makes the Best Pizza in all of Naples. And I've had Pizza at all the Famous Pizzerias in Napoli, including : Da Michele, Gino Sorbillo, D Mateo, and all the so-called Best Pizzerias in Naples, the Pizza at Da Marino is Better. "Trust Me." !

"Basta" !!!



One of the best pizzas in Naples, made the old way. I love the one with yellow piennolo tomatoes, provolone and pepper, but also the complete fried one with cicoli, here prepared in the unusual round shape. And what about the fries … Omelettes are literally a drug. You can decide to eat something on the fly outside, leaning on the tables made available, or go upstairs to sit comfortably at a table in the room, whose walls are decorated with frescoes that recall the old traditions of Naples and its ancient trades. The value for money is excellent. I highly recommend it.



Gerado Makes Pizza



My pal Gerardo at L'Archetto makes the Best Pizza in all of SALERNO, and Better Pizza than most famous Pizzerias in NAPOLI. I like his Pizza far better than the Pizza I had at Di MATTEO in Naples which I felt was quite soggy in the center as much in the Pizza in Naples is. The pizza in Salerno is made thicher and crunchier, and to me, it’s better. I absolutely love thee way Gerardo makes his Pizza at L’Archetto. It’s delish.

.... Author Daniel Bellino Zwicke ...


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