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One dollar pizzas are a treasure in New York City. Consider the high price of real estates, rents, brunches - it's almost too good to be true. Some are off by just 1 cent, that's right - 99 cents!

When you’re hungry, you’re hungry, no matter how little may be in your wallet at the time. Luckily, New York is a city that never sleeps and is serving up fresh slices at all times of day. 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, at one buck, you can enjoy pizza like it's 1969.

Your best bet may be one of the pizza joints that still offer hot slices for only a dollar, perfect after a long night out or a lunch on the run. We’ve listed some of the tastiest of them all so you can choose then have a couple of back-ups as well.

  • Joey Pepperoni's Pizza (Chinatown/Tribeca)

    381 Broadway - Chinatown 

    The quality of this place may be a little below the rest, but they may just be cutting corners to ensure they can still offer slices for a dollar. Pizza fan can find these joints in Chinatown and Tribeca, so no matter where you roam in Manhattan a hot, fresh slice will be waiting for you.
  • PERCY'S PIZZA .... BLEECKER STREET (Near Macdougal Street) GREENWICH VILLAGE is One of NEW YORK'S Original and BEST DOLLAR PIZZA Joints out there.
  • Review, Daniel Bellino Zwicke 
  • The latest entry into the DOLLAR a SLICE PIZZA “PERCY’S PIZZA” on Dollar Slice is phenomenal. It’s Top Notch and Superior to the likes of JOE’S PIZZA just a mere 200 feet away from this wonderful new establishment.

  • The Pizza at Percy’s is just about absolute perfection. The way real pizza should be, perfect dough that is cooked to crisp perfection with just the right balance of tomato to cheese ratio. This slice is tasty, and at a Dollar a pop, one of New York’s greatest culinary deals. And as for the other Buck a Slice guys, they just don’t measure up. They’re pretty good for a Dollar, but the slice at Percy’s is Superior, even up against $2.75 a Slice joints like the famed Joe’s Pizza just feet away. Percy’s blows them away. They have a couple great Pizzaiolos, one from Sardegna, the other from Cairo of all places. Percy’s is a simple unassuming place, that’s nice and comfortable and serves up some of the Best Pizza in town, and at a Buck a Pop, you just can’t beat it. I Love it, and hope it last.

  • 99¢ Fresh Pizza

    71 2nd Avenue - East Village
    As the Walmart of one buck pizza slices, you will not be going here for ambiance or an unforgettable slice of cheese pizza. However, it’s perfect when in a pinch and hankering for some basic sauce, dough and mozzarella to satiate that growling stomach. Look for the big red signs throughout the West Village, Hell’s Kitchen, Midtown East and more.
  • Roll And Go Pizza

    362 Broadway - Midtown West
    According to @dollarpizzaslicenyc, this is the best $1 slice thus far in NYC. For Francisco Balagtas, 30 what began as a challenge from a friend turned into a mission in Aug' 2014 to eat at every single dollar slice joints in the city and meticulously review his slice by slice experience on his Instagram accounts.
    His journey will cover over 300 one dollar pizzerias in estimated 2 years span (not counting places opens and closes throughout the year) so you can bet your pretty 99 cents that his opinions with this amount of cheap slice experience is worth noting.

  • Port Authority Food Court

    606 8th Avenue near Times Square
    A notable dollar slice discovery as of Jan.' 2015.


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