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Pope Greenwich Village Italian Sub Sandwich


Mickey Rourke and Eric Roberts are coming out of Joe's Dairy in Greenwich Village
New York. In the movie The Pope of Greenwich Village this little Italian Cheese Store that
specializes in fresh homemade Mozzarella which is along with fresh made Italian Sausages precious commodities in the Italian-American Enclave. This real life Italian Cheese Shop was fictionalized as 
Jimmy The Cheeseman's Shop in the Pope of Greenwich Village which starred Mickey Rourke as Charlie Morant, and Eric Roberts as his cousin Paulie. Here we find Charlie and Paulie going into the cheese shop so Paulie can buy some fresh Mozzarella, Salami, and Prosciutto to make an Italian Sandwich. They then go next door to the real life Zampiere's Bakery which operated two shops in Greenwich Village for years, providing the local Italians with fresh baked Italian Bread and Pastries. Sadly these two wonderful establishments no longer exist, but thanks to this wonderful movie based on the book Pope of Greenwich Village by Vincent Patrick who does a great job capturing some real Greenwich Village Village character.

Paulie and Charlie going to Zampiere's Bakery to get a nice loaf of Italian Bread
for Paulie's gigantic sandwich.

Paulie and Charlie, tow neighborhood Italians chat in front of The Rectory
of Saint Anthony's of Padua Church on Sullivan Street.

Greenwich Village New York

Paulei making his Sandwich

Spring Street Park, corner of Spring and Mulberry Street

New York, NY

Paulie tells Charlie about the Race Horse he is partners with 2 of his Italian Friends
from the neighborhood.

Check out the old Italian Men sitting next to Paulie and Charlie, and Rocky's an old neighborhood
Italian Restaurant that sadly went out of business a few years ago.

Mickey Rourke

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